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Gone Done Wrong's Neither Here Nor There is an ecclectic amalgamation of alt-country, indie, folk, blues, and emo, creating rhythms and vocal harmonies both distinct and almost catchy. The 18 song debut release effectively covers a lot of ground, delivering songs that range from poppy to heart wrenching.

Track List:
01. When One Goes Up
02. The Music
03. Thru the Trees
04. Broken Heart Bridge
05. In the Dark
06. Coldest Day
07. Autumn Girl
08. Up Stream
09. By the Light
10. Far Away So Close
11. Lonely Giraffe
12. Ballad for an Empty Bottle
13. Alvarado
14. Dead Skunk
15. Nowhere Song
16. From the Top of the Mountain to the Botton of the Sea
17. Tax Class J
18. December 24th

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