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Head of Femur is the willfully weird orchestral pop brainchild of pop auteurs Mike Elsener and Matt Focht. Great Plains is the third chapter in their musical journey that started on the brittle badlands of Nebraska, continuing in the urban jungle of Chicago, transforming the band from a wieldy pop collective into a tight-knit rock band. With Great Plains, Head of Femur sheds the excessive glory of past efforts and focuses on immediate melodies and whip-smart song structures to produce the band's best set of songs to date.

Lacing together art-rock sensibilities reflective of Talking Heads and the homegrown comfort of Neil Young and The Band, Great Plains is rhythmically complex yet immediately catchy, following lyrical snapshots from Head of Femur's home state set to music that gives them flight.

Track List:
01. Whirlaway
02. Great Plains
03. Leader and the Falcon
04. Jetway Junior
05. River Ramble
06. Covered Wagons
07. Climbing Up Fire Escapes
08. Where's the Fire
09. Napoleon's Boots
10. By the Red Fire
11. Open the Door Lucille
12. This Message
13. Isn't It a Shame

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