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"One of the Ten Records You Missed in 2003" -Magnet Magazine

Head of Femur's debut album effortlessly blends folk, indie-rock, 70's rock, and just about any other style you can think of into an 11 song car crash of strings, drums and voices. The Chicago based group (and you can only imagine the troubles singer/guitarist Matt Focht goes through, living in the windy city with that afro) are veterans of numerous bands such as Bright Eyes, Mayday, Lullaby for the Working Class, and a slew of others.

Track List:
01. January on Strike
02. Curve That Byrd
03. Yoeman or Tinker
04. 80 Steps To Jonah
05. Me, My Dad, My Cousin, and...Ronnie
06. Acme: The Summit of a Mountain
07. The True Wheel
08. Money Is the Root...
09. Science Needed a Medical Man
10. Finally I've Made It Nowhere
11. The Car Wore a Halo Hat

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