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Indie, rock, and pop meet on the long awaited third record from Detroit's Leaving Rouge. Elsewhere is the most realized Leaving Rouge album to date, dramatic indie rock layered with heavy 80s and 90s influenced vocal harmonies (from Sean Hoen of The Holy Fire). Praised from coast to coast for their textured, atmospheric rock, Leaving Rouge's second album calls to mind all the things you love about indie rock of past and present.

After releasing the White Houses EP in 2004, Leaving Rouge locked themselves in a Detroit warehouse for well over a year writing and composing. The result, Elsewhere, sees the band focusing more on songs and less on the atmospherics and textures that marked their first releases, a rich and well-crafted album of midwestern damage and nods to indie rock's roots, all while retaining the band's hard-earned sound and naked lyricism.

"Unquestionably powerful and glacially beautiful." --Splendid E Zine

"Leaving Rouge will win with the indie youth, as well as their Wilco-loving, mid management parents. It's all around good." --Real Detroit Weekly

Track List:
01. Skeleton Girls
02. In the Ceiling
03. Elsewhere
04. Arrow
05. Baby I'm Haunted
06. Chain Letters
07. Airports
08. Sleep Now Forever
09. Words Aflame
10. Angels of the Rouge

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