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Portland solo artist Lauren K Newman returns with her fourth full-length. Lauren is the brains and beauty behind LKN--on Postulate I she wrote and played every single second of music. Postulate I is an epic album, full of intensely moving vocals and heavy, layered chords and powerful, hammering beats that hit right in the gut. It is the first of three albums tracked in the summer of 2005 and the most conceptualized LKN release to date.

Track List:
01. A Formed Supply of Chaos and Harmony
02. Hope/fiction
03. Prognosis
04. Circumstance
05. Long Road Psalm
06. Odyssey Into a Void
07. Facilitator
08. I Can Think of a Better Question
09. Traveling Quiet In Crowds
10. Draw the Curtain
11. Once Very Long Ago
12. Freeze
13. Close the Door

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