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LKN is critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, song/noise composer Lauren K. Newman. Her second solo release, In the Leap Year, breaks new ground in pushing the limits of post-rock songwriting. 12 tracks of guitar, drum, and piano based work, along with three experimental soundscapes, recorded over the past two years.

The former frontwoman of Stellamarie has been called a "supreme rock performer" by SXSW. Though a solo effort, the energy, fullness, and intensity of In the Leap Year surpasses recordings of most seasoned bands, as does the intricate and overwhelmingly poignant nature of her songwriting.

Track List:
01. varientklavII
02. jussive
03. riddle
04. to an angel on no condition
05. varientnoiz
06. will meets strength on courage
07. sugar of lead
08. to stay in the same place
09. bleak, ruined choir of one
10. compelled
11. such is my love for you
12. in the leap year
13. i could not escape the sound
14. sarah, i adore you
15. varientdeckk

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