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Portland's Minmae are back with a new record, a new line-up, and a new mission statement. 835 finds the band at the crossroads of indie, rock, and experiment, blending mercilessly into 14 tracks of caustic, morbid, beautiful experimental-pop. Their most inspired and cohesive work to date, 835 carves the deepest niche yet for Minmae in an ever increasingly complex and changing world.

Track List:
01. Pay More
02. Your Band Controls the Weather
03. Capitols and Caliphs
04. Let My Friends In
05. Goodbye
06. Next Round's On Me
07. He's Not My Man (He's Not My Jackal)
08. Holy Grails, Showstoppers
09. Recommend Me Someone
10. Classification Blues
11. Policy Blues
12. The Sun and Moon Show
13. The Sun Favors You
14. Ride the Lightning

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  • Artist: Minmae


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