Minmae--le grand essor de la maison du monstre CD + MP3

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Portland trio Minmae return with their eighth full-length. Monstre is eleven esoteric riddles buried in song--instructions for the road-weary, therapy for the motionless traveler, comprehension of the incomprehensible, form in the void. For the unprepared and unpopular, Minmae mixes melodied into meaningful memoirs of the monster in the mammogram.

Track List:
01. Cold Room, South Pacific
02. Cold Steel Minders
03. Once Cocked Gun
04. Everyone Knows Jesus Wore a Chain
05. Where's the Fashion
06. Zero Sun
07. I Was at Johnny's, and He Played Phil Ochs
08. The Winking Lass
09. (to edit) Quickfingers
10. Cash Out (or spin)

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  • Artist: Minmae


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