Minmae--I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning CD + MP3

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Fires set over ballads, flying away on a white helicopter piloted by Julio Iglesias, I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning has the musical complexity of a Tchaikovsky overture, the rhythmic beauty of an opera, the dynamic range of Jodie Foster, and the lyrical absurdity of a goat on LSD. Eleven indie rock anthems from Portland's Minmae that will leave you a bit confused but musically content.

Track List:
01. German Girl, She Was American
02. Let Him Out
03. Smiling With Teeth
04. Experimental Pop Song
05. Occasionally Stereo
06. My Parts Will Not Rust
07. Dimorphic Hips Have Chances Still
08. American Spear
09. To Be With You
10. Wayward Scout
11. Ecstatic Bourgeois Tendency

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