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When Piney Gir turns her busy hands to music it's a bit like a great new boutique just opened downtown. Genres are dusted off like fabulous half forgotten dresses, there is a flurry of accessorizing and eventually a beautiful girl steps out of the changing room.

But enough with the metaphors. The Yearling is Piney Gir's slump-defying sophomore record, marking the latest move in a fascinating career that's already spanned jazz, electronic pop and full on country (y'all). Angela Penhaligon, for she is Piney, has made perhaps her definitive album, all Kansas plains heartbreak fed through a blend of electronica, folk, wistful pop and knowing jazz. No boundaries, no apologies, all melodies.

Produced with her sonic collaborators The Age of Reason and an international cast of musicians from gospel choirs in Kansas City to saw players in Tooting, the album is a sumptuous musical ride. Who else could combine delicate heartbreak sci-fi folk with straight to the bop pop whilst plying her way with a campfire narrative and all of it dipped in the gal's never less than pin-sharp eye for a great story about the wanderings of the heart?

The Yearling. It'll stay with you all year.

Track List:
01. Hello Halo
02. Say I'm Sorry
03. Blithe Spirit
04. There Was a Drunk
05. Early Days
06. Blixa Bargeld's Bicycle
07. Not Your Anything
08. Of All The Wonderful Things
09. Miss Havisham
10. Abelha: Bumblebee
11. 199 To Elephant And Castle
12. Lion (I Am One)
13. Oleanna
14. Love Is A Lonely Thing
15. Weeping Machine
16. For The Love Of Others

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