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PLEASE NOTE: This 320kpbs DRM-free MP3 release is included in the CD version of A Swan At Smiley's. If you have ordered Swan, please do not order this record as we are not able to issue refunds on digital purchases.

The second record in Porter's "Denver Four", Cry Me a River is the companion album to Porter's recent record, A Swan At Smiley's. Originally released at lower quality for free on our Song-A-Week blog during the twelve weeks leading up to Swan's release, Cry Me a River, Sing Me a Raft is the "sophomore huff and probably the most soul-ogle honorable, in my estimation. She is a good honeysuckle blue-- straight warm in plaited lampshade, sinewy treesap acoustic blues. I was thinking of the color GOLD-- I had the heater on all the time. I flew to the Oregon coast and I found a beautiful old 1950s Harmony guitar in a waterlogged pawn shop, leaning between the barnacles. It sounded like an orchestra of moving air conditioners. The sea lions clapped their wangers. I looked into tidepools and wondered if pure peace was possible. Back home I let it all go and go it goeth with lite jazz pastel and holy no-effort at all. The moon on the pavement was very soft, I was dolphin-skin slick and sleek. Everything is ice cream, but everything is ending (I was in love in growing love and GLOW of it-- but a snowman always knows when winter is coming)."

Track List:
01. Little M Blues
02. Suicide Slow
03. Chinese Telephone
04. NYE Beach Blues
05. Safe Side
06. Come Around the Corner
07. Pretty Sow
08. Human To Be
09. Face Like a Trigger
10. Slow Poke
11. Worldly
12. Champagne of Bores

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