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28 year-old singer/songwriter/poet/author Patrick Porter's new album, Die Wandaland, is an astounding feat of DIY musical architecture, recorded in an isolated studio outside Denver, CO over the span of two weeks. All instruments on the record were played by Porter, a relative virtuoso who learned to play such a plethora of instruments after finding several of them dumped in "donation" points on the streets of New York. Die Wandaland is the culmination of over a year of submersion in a world of music and prose, having been written in synch with his new novel, Apocalypse Later.

Track List:
01. Lite Sleeper
02. Sears Tower
03. Esso Station (Marmite Blues)
04. Reality Row
05. Bond Funeral Home
06. Dealin' Doug
07. Hey Lindsey
08. Afraid To Die
09. Hayseed Highway
10. Made of Stone

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