Patrick Porter--Lisha Kill CD + MP3

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"These sessions were like a womb, I just sat in a tiny corner crammed with instruments and made my fun", explains Porter. Real world sounds - sirens, grocery checkout squawks, someone doing the dishes - would occasionally intrude and get included. A hit and run death outside the house informed the mood of the song "Hospital". "End Badly" was recorded on the porch, first thing in the morning with the birds still chirping and morning traffic going by. "Lisha Kill" is a ghetto of stories like that: ghost whispers of AM, broken stuff, hidden junk drawers. The sounds of an old man bumbling around in the barn, enjoying loneliness but knowing he can't stay there. It's a loner's loose-woven fabric of deconstructed space folk, taking Porter beyond the footwear introspection of earlier recordings into a more experimental territory, both lyrically and sonically.

Porter says: "These are my favorite recordings. I feel like "Lisha Kill" is my first album - like the other ones were pre-season football games or soccer friendlies. It's not perfect, but it's the first one that I feel came from the genuine, where I wasn't trying to pull the wool at all. So I have a soft spot for her. Now she finally gets tattooed with a bar code and sent out into the world to sit in the bins with the rest of 'em. Be kind to her, she's a fragile one". Released on Camera Obscura Records.


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