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The closest most so-called pop auteurs come to multi-tasking is mustering a balance between singer and songwriter. Southerly, the nom-de-tune of Krist Krueger is the product of a bona fide DIY visionary. Not only does Krueger sing, write and arrange the music of Southerly, he's a seasoned recording engineer, record label manager and booking agent. The Portland artist's lush, orchestral pop is reminiscent of The National, Brendan Benson, Richard Ashcroft, Elliott Smith and former Tindersticks frontman Stuart Staples. Krueger recorded this, the second Southerly album, with his own orchestra and horn arrangements, fleshing songs which center on Krueger's otherwise intimate singing style. Recently dubbed "a one man musical army" by Skratch magazine, Southerly revisits the golden era of lush pop orchestration on Storyteller & The Gossip Columnist.

Track list:
01. Visage Sans Expression
02. Close to the Crime
03. Soldiers
04. A Coarse Design
05. Taking Stock
06. For the Speechless Coward
07. How To Be a Dreamer
08. If We All Forget
09. Pistols in Paradise
10. Cold Caller
11. Dreams That Make Men Free
12. Breath of My Youth
13. When We Have To Go
14. Simple Simon

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