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Aristotle theorized that nature abhors a vacuum--that vacant space would always tend to pull anything into itself in order to avoid being empty. IWTDI took to this theory wholeheartedly on their new record along with the belief that horror vacui extends to every facet of our lives. “We're all afraid of emptiness, even in our most intimate moments,” singer/keyboardist Rachel Hirsh says.

Anyone knowledgeable of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours is familiar with the inter-band relationships that suffered from working and living so closely together. Similar circumstances arose between Hirsh and guitarist/singer John Booker as they began a relationship just after IWTDI started, living together and writing the tracks that would eventually become Horror Vacui. Real life became material for music. The new album is less a he-said/she-said argument than a male and female perspective on a relationship that saw ups and downs, personal failures and an eventual ending.

The result is an incredibly dynamic album rife with catchy material and mindful lyrics that are both emotional and full tilt in terms of energy. Like their previous releases, Horror Vacui advances IWTDI another step forward--this time solidifying the band as an intense lyrical force, while still maintaining that knack for stratospheric hooks. Horror Vacui may not soon become as well-known as Rumours, but those that do listen will find it hard to deny the connection.

Track List:
01. Beneath You All the Way
02. Done Waiting
03. Former Boy Wonder
04. Caterwaul
05. Cup of Tea
06. A Reason To
07. Evergreen
08. Come Out, Come Out
09. Green Means Go
10. Turn My Grave
11. Forfeit the Win
12. The Ocean

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