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The Old Ground was born when someone decided to steal the musical equipment of the former emo/punk band Still Life. Left with nothing but two acoustic guitars, David Pitzel and Paul Rauch of Still Life decided to do something completely different. Through various line-up changes and the eventual departure of Rauch (who bowed out gracefully to pursue his masters in English literature), the band grew and shrank over several years.

Currently David Pitzel is the only surviving member of The Old Ground. Now quietly recording songs in his garage, The Old Ground is the band's full-length debut, 14 songs of the same raw, emotional songwriting Still Life was known for, just without the hardcore bit.

Track List:
01. Lookout Heaven
02. Nice Guy
03. Leaving
04. The Ghost
05. El Camino
06. Can't Sleep
07. Mortal Coil
08. Pretty Girl
09. Coming Home
10. A Friend to Sadness
11. Wait for Me
12. A Letter From Joe
13. Night Terrors
14. The Story of Our Lives

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