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Following his work as the co-frontman/songwriter of the (up to, depending on the day) 30 piece orchestral pop band Head of Femur and its pioneering hyperprog, where "every song is packed to the gills with sounds and melodies and countermelodies and detours and left-turn movements" (Pitchfork), songwriter and self confessed maximalist Michael Partington formed Shipbuilding Co. Conceived in a basement in Taiwan, the band originated as a lo-fi, mostly solo endeavor, but for their new full-length has grown into a five member wall of psychedelic pop sound.

Influenced by historical world events and figures, From Mansions to Dry Lake Beds features songs about topics such as the "Spanish Civil War", "King Debs" and "Bikini Radio", a mini-epic regarding the experimental destruction of the Bikini Atoll.

Shipbuilding Co. combines varied influences from its five members, long time musical partner Pat Bradley (Pablo's Triangle, Amalgamators), Lindsey Bradley (Bol'd Crow), Jim Reilly (Beep Beep, Pharmacy Spirits) and David Ozinga (UUVVWWZ, Carrot Carrot). The album was recorded over a six month period by the members and mixed by the patented (pending) ears of A.J. Mogis (Cursive, The Faint, Head of Femur). From Mansions to Dry Lakes Beds laces together glam, new wave angles, and harmony driven 60's pop into a complex and compelling original sound.

Track List:
01. King Debs
02. Salt Creek
03. El Dorado
04. Don't Be Around
05. Spanish Civil War
06. Nowhere Like It Here
07. Wild Waves
08. Gold Mine Dig
09. Ivory Ghost
10. The Globe
11. St. Elizabeth
12. Bikini Radio

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Available on vinyl and digital download.

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