The Trophy Fire--Armor EP CD + MP3

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San Francisco Bay Area trio The Trophy Fire return with their unique brand of heartfelt, hook-driven, and powerful indie rock. Following the success of their first record, 2008ís critically acclaimed A Lifetime in the Middle of the Ocean and subsequent national tours with influences/mentors Far and Dredg, TTF bring us their second release, Armor.

Armor is a 6-song EP delving further into the lush string and keyboard pads, big guitars, and sultry harmonies conjure a span of comparisons from Jimmy Eat World to Tears for Fears. Ben Flanagan's voice is at times whispery, at others gigantic, but always genuine. That brothers Adam and John Schuman have been playing together since grade school comes as no surprise. Together, from the opening riff of the pulsing "Glow" to the sleepy, beautiful "Bend", they have completed their catchiest, most moving, and best recording to date.

Track List:
01. Glow
02. Armor
03. The Last American Phonebooth
04. Lies
05. Chasing the Ghost
06. Bend


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