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Hot on the heels of their recent Armor EP/double 7", San Francisco trio The Trophy Fire present Modern Hearts. While repeatedly criss crossing America, singer Ben Flanagan finished writing the lyrics for the album (which was recorded during tour breaks throughout 2011); words that speak deeply, poignantly and emotively about the pressures, absurdity and beauty of the zeitgeist of our modern state and the challenges and the hopes of living in modern culture.

Much like said culture, the album is broadly dynamic and fluid, as the band continues their tradition of powerful-up tempo guitar and synth driven songs alongside much more delicate and intimate tracks. "I was already very focused on writing a record that wasn't necessarily autobiographical", says Flanagan. "I really wanted to pay close attention to the people around me, new people that I was seeing and meeting everyday and try and understand how they were feeling. I guess the songs are kind of a synthesis of my own thoughts and what I had recently seen and heard from others. Many of the songs come from a third person character that was created through that combination."

Includes crowd favorite "Tired Eyes", the epic and thematic titular track, and the band's long sought after cover of The Knife song "Heartbeats". Available on CD, vinyl, and digital downloade.

Track List:
01. The Rent
02. Modern Hearts
03. Comrades
04. Sameside
05. Medicate Me
06. Further Than We Know
07. Darkness Into Gold
08. Tired Eyes
09. Chaols/Control
10. Heartbeats
11. Hired Gun
12. Twilight Park


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