The Heligoats--The Sapling Sessions CD

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20 track debut from The Heligoats.

From Interpunk:
For years the reason for playing music in the first place was to do it. The Heligoats have managed to compile a unprecedented collection of original material unearthed from basement tape archives that date back to the beginning of thee outfit. The Heligoats are what most would call a "solo" project, a "side" project, or a "?" project non the less. All of them would be correct, only withstanding describing it as just "another" project in the sea of vast projects that one Chris Otepka of Troubled Hubble, has been apart of. The Heligoats give a glimpse into the world of an ordinary Joe, doing extraordinary things. When we think of recording, we think of a studio, a producer, an engineer, and a budget. In most cases this is true, but in the other, less known cases we hear of these outsider musician's who record songs and such on their own in a bedroom, basement, tool shed, garage among other locations and do it on their own. Do It Yourself, as some people call it. Of coarse the most common knowledge of recordings one's own music for one's self is usually called a demo, and with that the intention of the recording was never for the public to hear. Now getting to the jist here, The Heligoats are a project that when it is recorded, it is finished. It is not a demo. The Heligoats are an exploratory adventure that probes the depths of reality, and comes up searching for answers, if not just noting incidents, feelings, emotions, experiences, and randomness that usually do not have a place in common material. When working on The Heligoats, Chris is as diligent and prolific as he was in Troubled Hubble, only that in The Heligoats, he has to savor the taste more, in order to make more sense of his life. Both bands have left an extremely amazing effect on listeners that comparing them is mute, but to say that one could exist without the other, it to say that a pair of socks without holes is bad thing to wear; it would be false.

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