The Heligoats--The End of All-Purpose LP + MP3

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Now on vinyl! And fortified with 4 unreleased tracks and Riboflavin!*

The Heligoats is the songwriting outlet Chicago's Chris Otepka. Otepka began writing and recording as The Heligoats in 1998 and it continued to be the home for his personal compositions during the 6 year run of his former band, Troubled Hubble, and now at last Otepka has chosen to firmly focus on bringing these songs to light.

The End of All-Purpose is orchestrated weirdness, lovingly crafted and engineered over the past couple of years by Otepka and various friends. Layered instrumentation plays out these ten strangely beautiful tracks, which comprise the most realized Heligoats release yet (at least until the next one, which shouldn't be long now, we promise).

Track List:
01. Morning Gloree
02. Movieguns
03. Been a Drill
04. Kind/Brutal
05. You Win
06. Reasonable Doubt
07. Hospital Thief
08. Are You Saying Yes?
09. Onions
10. Arizona

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*--Riboflavin not included.


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