The Heligoats--Goodness Gracious LP + MP3

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Newly relocated to the pacific northwest and fresh off their recent US tour with Clem Snide, Chris this time teamed up with Chicago psych-folk band Ulysses S. Grant just long enough to have a few parties and interpret a record in summer 2009. The new collaboration has been wild and exciting, fusing meticulously worded songs and spaced-out jams to make the most interesting Heligoats listen yet. Live the songs are dynamic and energetic, building sonic force around Otepka's acoustic-based tunes, adding colorful settings to the stories within and fleshing out the universe of this recording. And universe is apt; with each track its own little world, all 10 songs come together to take the listener out on wild safari and have them home by dinner.

Track List:
01. A Guide to the Outdoors
02. Mercury
03. Fish Sticks
04. Watertowers on Fire
05. Florida Panther
06. Aquifer
07. Rubber Stopper
08. Reasonable Doubt
09. Heatvents
10. Goodness Gracious

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