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Folks say Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun occupy a strange land, a territory full of noisy chaos that dances around many perfectly manicured landscapes; other folks have made up odd sub-genres for them ("Dreamy Disco Punk", "Bullet-proof Dance Jams", and "Indie-Electro-Fuzz-Rock" to name a few). All of these rare combinations add up to a sound you can't quite put your finger on, but feels warm and comfortable, as if you've known it for years.

After 3 EPs and relentless touring, it was time to put what they'd become to physical memory: a record they could be overwhelmingly proud of and their current and future fans couldn't stop listening too. That result is WILDFIRE: a 12 song document of perseverance and a homage to their fans (who helped fund the making of WILDFIRE through a very successful Kickstarter campaign). It's about changing the things you wanna change and doing the things you wanna do. It's about refusing to settle and working hard for what you want. It's about really seeing your past, present, and future.

Track List:
01. Intro
02. We Were Wild
03. Old Monster
04. Single-Hearted
05. Bad Design
06. With My Good Eye
07. Irene the Avalanche
08. Oh Black Gold
09. Right Left Right
10. Life & Limb
11. Kairos
12. Keep Quiet


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