Books on Tape Sings the Blues CD + MP3

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Abusive fastball rhythms. Gratuitous electroid synth lines. Z-movie backdrops. Tape hiss. Chopped vocal samples. Soundtracks to the high-scores table. Ine finger sampler tapping. Lush downtempo breaks. Power pop plunges. You name it, "Books on Tape Sings the Blues" has it (except perhaps for blues). Over an hour's worth of electro-pop-punk by the man who invented it. CD only.

Track List:
01. Laptop Blues
02. Repbulic Of
03. See You In Tokyo
04. She's Dead to Me
05. Pointe Du Pied
06. Girls Up Front
07. Death in the Sex Shop
08. Siberian Soundsystem
09. Circus Animal Battle Rap
10. Frisson
11. Bicycle Beat
12. Shake That
13. The Crucial
14. Unlucky Bounce
15. Sidekick
16. Church Bus

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