Jon Crocker--7 Days, 6 Nights CD + MP3

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Jon Crocker's newest release has taken many years to complete...the writing process began in 2003, the finished product coming about in early 2006. The amount of care taken is evident; the songs range from short to very long, the instrumentation from a solitary voice to an orchestra of moaning guitars, clanging pianos, and surging organ. The songs themselves are passionate and well-crafted pieces dealing with frustration, fear, hope, celebration, and the loss of innocence.

The concept of the album is very simple: there is a song for every day of the week, each of which is followed by a nocturne (an instrumental piece of night music). The songs are not about the days themselves; they aim to capture the feeling and character of each day, as the nocturnes do to each night. The album definitely falls on the experimental side of the fence, treading a fine line between rock and roll, folk, and classical styles.

Track list:
01. Monday + Nocturne
02. Tuesday + Nocturne
03. Wednesday + Nocturne
04. Thursday + Nocturne
05. Friday + Nocturne
06. Saturday + Nocturne
07. Sunday

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