The Mouse That Roared--Excommunicator

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The Mouse That Roared croons, shuffles, and drones to suggest a snapshot of a time or place where you can sit and drink coffee, meditating on the concept of becoming nothing. The core songwriting harkens back to British pop of the 1960s tempered with American folk sensibilities and 70s progressive rock (but without nearly as much pretentiousness).

Their first record, Excommunicator is the product of two years of writing in an attempt to deconstruct conventional pop songs in various ways and reassemble them into a coherent organism. While the middle of the record dontains tight pop melodies framed in Americana transmitted from the future ghost of Juice Newton, the beginning and end are sprawling psych landscapes that define the journeys from the beginning and to the end.

Track list:
01. Evil Knievel
02. A Non-Corporeal Motorcade
03. Master of Seasons
04. Southside
05. When the Moment Is Right
06. My Gold Is Paid
07. The Incredible Nimble Fingers of Walter Cringely
08. Ride Out the Wave
09. The Bells
10. Excommunicator
11. The Grifter

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  • Artist: The Mouse That Roared

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