Ross Island Bridge vol. I CD

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Featuring Greyday artists Anne Adams (Grey Anne) and S. Brooks (Minmae)!

(from CD Baby) On Ross Beach’s newest project, recorded under the nom de rock Ross Island Bridge, he employs a little help from his friends. For the album Volume 1: The Process Is Now the Work, Ross recruits lead singers from all over the Portland music community because, as he says, "It was a great way to combine my own musical projects with my love of Portland music in general."

While Ross Island Bridge is the name of an actual bridge over the Willamette River in Portland, the name can also refer to Ross bridging the gap between his solo works and his collaborations. On Volume 1: The Process Is Now the Work, Ross bridges yet another expanse – combining his fuzz pop roots and experimental sensibilities with more upbeat and danceable electronic sounds in the mode of New Order and Of Montreal.

The vocal contributors to the Ross Island Bridge album each interpreted the songs in their own styles, creating unique collaborations. Featuring contributing artists Anne Adams (Grey Anne/Sweater), S. Brooks (Minmae), Levi Ethan Cecil (Brothers Young/Heroes & Villains/Leviethan), Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Adrienne Hatkin (Autopilot is for Lovers/Porches/Wooden Indian Burial Ground), Ali Ippolito (When The Broken Bow/Heroes & Villains/Marmits/Rainbow & The Kittens), Nick Jaina, Pat Kearns (Blue Skies For Black Hearts), Amanda Kelly (House of Badger), Jon Ragel (Boy Eats Drum Machine), and Chris Robley (Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights/The Sort Ofs).

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