Cursive--The Ugly Organ CD

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With its combination of dynamic instrumentation, diverse and accomplished songwriting and lyrical catharsis The Ugly Organ forges a unique musical and lyrical territory that actually justifies the (non-ironic) label of "concept album."

What exactly the concept of The Ugly Organ may be, however, is up for debate. "Some people focus sexuality entirely on the penis or vagina," says Cursive's Tim Kasher. "Others consider the heart or the mind to be the most sexual organ. For others, it might be an object completely outside the body, such as a musical instrument."

Regardless, The Ugly Organ is stunning and cohesive work, by turns wildly dissonant ("Some Red Handed Slight of Hand," "A Gentleman Caller") and beautifully restrained ("Driftwood: A Fairy Tale," "The Recluse"), with organ and cello lines, thundering rhythms and disjointed guitars meshing in a symbiotic relationship with Kasherís narrative.

Featuring Ted Stevens of Mayday.

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