Oregon All-Stars 2005

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This compilation includes 14 songs from 7 of Oregon's hottest bands ranging from pop and emo to hardcore/punk and everything in between.

ADAINE - Though no catagorization can adequatly describe Portland based Adaine's unique sound, it seems to fit most comfortably in the "post-hardcore" genre, promising an original and sincere musical experience they are proud to share.

DRIVE - Portland's Drive has toured most recently with well known acts such as Everclear, Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls. With an intense live show, driving vocals, heavy layered guitar rythms and brutal drumming, Drive's catchy hooks and post-core melodies have brought them a strong local and national following.

THE EMPTY - Veiling Eugene based the Empty's sound with an impressive display of flashy descriptions and genre-bending classifications would be to disregard the very state of mind that brought this band into existence. Allowing the music to stand as it is, this experiment in melodic fusion brings a new and exciting form of art to the musical world.

THE HORDE - Wielding the band as a weapon, Portland's the Horde once unleashed a merciless assault on the Northwest... Now exhumed from the grave, reborn from the shadows of death and with an aching desire for annihilation, the choir of the damned have once again assembled. Join or Die!

MY RESCUE - Immediately announcing their presence with authority through pulse-raising guitar, energetic drumlines and raw, pop-inspired vocals, Salem based My Rescue performs reminiscent of the days when music was the palette that brought color to our lives.

OCEANA - The melodies of Portland based pop band Oceana have a hypnotizing and euphoric effect on their audiences. Captivating harmonies along with just the right amount of soulful strength and intense break-downs will bring goose-bumps to anyone who hears their moving sounds.

THIS SIDE OF US - Straight out of the Oasis of Bend, OR, This Side of Us preforms with the intensity and drive one comes to expect from the wrecklessness of youth with the talent to match. Their willful combination of rock, emo, and post-alternative styles will redefine your notion of musical evolution.

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