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"With Champion of the Noisy Negativists, Southerly have achieved a sublime condition of uplifting downheartedness. More bands should follow their example." So says the Seattle Stranger of the instrumental EP, initially released on limited edition short-run CD and vinyl pressings last year.

The EP picks up where the celebrated 2007 album, Storyteller and The Gossip Columnist left off. Listeners can hear the natural progression toward what ultimately became Champion: a swooning, eerie, beautiful, morose and uplifting soundscape that serves as an undeniable reminder of the tension, release, intensity and intrinsic harmony that all of us experience and celebrate in life. Unlike the previous disc, Champion is a largely instrumental affair, using vocals as additional layers, rather than the music's guide. Available on cd and digital download.

01. Trials
02. Champion of the Noisy Negativists
03. Repercussions
04. Ascend
05. Allostasis

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