Live From Nowhere Near You Vol I CD

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Kevin Moyer went into his attic studio alone with an idea and emerged with an emotionally vibrant compilation full of life and found sounds. By collaborating street musicians with friends and music professionals, he tells a story of life on the streets and the roads leading to and from there.

With thick layers of raw and polished instrumentation, the music hits like waves of emotion eddying between the warmth of a large wool blanket and the cold of a concrete pillow.

As the sounds of turntable beats wind through crowded streets and dark alleys, inspired guitars and haunting vocals dig into your chest and squeeze your heart.

Track List:
1. Rendezvous You - Kevin Moyer & Street Musicians
2. Love Slave - Albert 'Bub' Garcia & Rich Vidin
3. Merlot - The Robots
4. Stay Don't Go - Spoon
5. Didn't I - Streetmusician Bad Boy Blue
6. Central Park - Pete Miser & Mel Brown
7. Far Out Group of People - Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United Stated of America
8. Hatin' - Five Fingers of Funk
9. DoorSlams - Matt Brown
10. Much to Much - Kissing Book with Dan Wynn and with Jen Sbragia of the Softies
11. Going Going Gone - Stars with Emily Haines
12. Moving On - Ethan Kalar, Kevin Moyer, & Lakota Sioux streetmusicians
13. You Kicked Me - Kevin Moyer, Wally Hendrickson, & Mic Crenshaw of Hungry Mob
14. So High - Brad Hargreaves of Third Eye Blind
15. Before the War - Gus Van Sant
16. TrainJumping - Ethan Kalar & Kevin Moyer
17. Urban Reality - Hungry Mob
18. Pulling Mandrake Roots - Kevin Moyer & Brad Hargreaves of Third Eye Blind
19. Everpresent Now - Scott Fisher
20. Promises & Thanks - Scott Fisher & Kevin Moyer
21. Do What? - Squirrel Nut Zippers & street musician Bruce Rohlfs
22. Song For the Streetkids - freight train traveling vagabond punks
23. If I Said - Greg Snell
24. My Most Beautiful Day - Matt Brown, Toby Hererra, & Kevin Moyer
25. Powerless - Mike McCready & Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam with Cole Peterson of Sweetwater and Chris Friel of the Rockfords
26. Wish I - Greg Snell
27. Little Mary - David Andrews of Calobo

All proceeds from this sale will go to Outside In.

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