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The Liquor Witch is the debut solo release from now-NYC based singer/songwriter Sean Madigan Hoen, frontman of the Detroit-based Leaving Rouge and The Holy Fire. Awkwardly beautiful, imperfect, and undeniably moving, the album was recorded sporadically and quickly during 2006 in studios, basements, and bathrooms of Detroit, MI.

The album is filled with dissimilar songs that somehow settle perfectly into one another. Throughout is the juxtaposition of good and evil alongside allusions to Hoen's addictive heredity. While these themes have been hashed over many times, there is an uncanny sincerity to The Liquor Witch that warrants most of its affectation. In a just world these songs might blare from the windows of lonely apartments across the world, but as it is those of us who have stumbled upon it can listen alone, feeling like we're in on something that the rest of them are missing out on.

Track List:
01. We Are Pedestrians
02. If You Must Dance (Do So Darkly)
03. Makes You Lovely
04. Heat of the Night
05. The Liquor Witch
06. Lift My Eyes
07. We Two Are
08. Dead Cities
09. Solar Explosions
10. Fear of Change

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