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One-woman band Lauren K. Newman returns with her fifth full-length. Postulate II picks up where 2006's Postulate I left off, displaying an uncompromising and unflinching look into the world of LKN, both accessible and highly personal, emotive and melodic, full of rage and peace. Postulate II also continues Newman's tradition of writing, recording, and playing all instruments herself, yet somehow accomplishing a sound more full and complete than most bands achieve. The second in a series of three albums.

Track List:
01. Postulate I
02. On My Back In the June Night
03. Fractured Sun, Fractured Heart
04. Mattanza
05. Systematic Minimalism
06. On the Ride
07. Facts That Frustrate and Attract
08. Stratagem
09. Passengers and Crew
10. Exit Mistakes
11. Terrica Jean
12. Sarah
13. 7.20.06

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