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Reissued together for the first time, two critically acclaimed releases from Portland's Minmae! The long out-of-print 2003 EP True Love paired with 2004's żya te vas?! 19 songs following Minmae's trajectory along the law of accelerating returns, as time is speeding up. Chaos has begotten new models of perfection, and four years is an eternity in Minmaeland.

Track List:
01. It's Easy the Way I Care
02. No Issue
03. Future Levelers
04. The Courtship
05. At Your Request
06. This Means Everything
07. Signed To a Check
08. Do Not Pretend
09. Forget To Mention
10. Straight from the Box
11. The Previous Show
12. Circumspect, I Followed It
13. Just Take Me As I Am
14. Kelly in SE
15. The Unfettered Idealist
16. The Lover's Snatch
17. My Conviction
18. I Was Buoyant
19. Setting Sun Turns Blue

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  • Artist: Minmae


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