20 Nights of Wine and Song CD + MP3

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Our 20th release! Contains new, exclusive, and never before released tracks from 14 of our artists past, present and future.

Track List:
01. Minmae, Box of Cassettes
02. John Larsen, Drift
03. LKN, Winter's Web
04. Books on Tape, Slinky Slur
05. Piney Gir, Hello Chanel
06. Consafos, Take Me Home
07. Leaving Rouge, Any Color You Want
08. The Old Ground, Somewhere Between Lost and Found
09. The Empty, Drawing a Blank and Framing It (dance mix)
10. Mayday, Kinky Rag
11. Bronwyn, Two Hearts in the Night
12. DeLorax, No Questions
13. Gone Done Wrong, 1974
14. Pablo's Triangle, God Lets Us Know

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